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Did you miss it? That’s okay!          **Keep Scrolling for the Summer Program Schedule**

Do you struggle with organizing your family photos? Don’t use Facebook but still want to share photos of your adventures with family and friends? Do you only want to share your babies pictures with those in your close circle of acquaintances…? Using Photo Story you can safely organize, add music or personalized narration, and share your Photo Stories with only those you choose. Download our program flier here.

See our Photo Story tour of the Children’s Library .

Need something to fill those hot summer afternoons…? Take a break from the heat and do some safe ‘Curious’ exploring with the Farmer’s Almanac for Kids and play the ultimate game of 20 Questions. Can you beat the computer…? Download our program flier here.

So much is happening around town this week. If you missed out on ‘Curious Kids’ there is still time to enjoy the great websites we toured today. This week we left the wonderful world of Wonderopolis and the scientific realm of Smithsonian to focused on art! Creating our own art to be exact! Using the wonderful tools of to create our own poetry and picture books; and leaping into the world of to create a masterpiece all our own. Download our program flier here.

If you didn’t get a chance to join us today for ‘Curious Kids’ you can still participate in all of our curious exploring at home. Take a look at all the wonderful -safe- parent approved sites we visited today. Explore the world of the Smithsonian National Zoological Park and many other great websites to explore the world we live in. Download our program flier here.

We had a wonderful afternoon with ‘Curious Kids’ exploring the world of For those that couldn’t join us today, and a reminder for those who did…remember that once you visit the Wonderopolis site, you need to continue to scroll down until you find the YELLOW “visit” banner. Click the banner and discover the wonderful world of Wonderopolis. Explore all the wonders, watch a video, test your knowledge and learn some new vocabulary words. You can even submit your very own wonder (don’t forget to get your parent’s permission!)Download our program flier here.

Feel free to download a copy of our 2014 Summer Reading schedule here. Have a great summer and please come participate in all of the wonderful, FREE, programs available at your local library.

Cabin Fever, CRAZY KIDS and Nothing-to-Do’s

Come to the Children’s Library

Try a game of UNO, or KER-PLUNK. No batteries needed! (Don’t tell anyone, but the Children’s librarians are pretty good at games, especially Monster Bowling!)

We have toys and books and space to play in.

Children’s Programs @ Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library

335 West Alger Street, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

674-8585 ext. 4