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Homework Help or Just Curious ?

“I am homeschooling my child and need information.”

“I need to write a report about Liechtenstein! Where is it?  My report is due in two days!!!”

“I have to write a paper-where do I start???”

“What is the newest country in the world?”


Take a deep breath-we can help you and your kids.

Call the Children’s Library@ 674-8585 ext. 119.

Or come in, we can help.

You can email us at

If you need to know if a book is on the accelerated reading list, visit

You can remotely access Wyoming State Library On-Line resources

Below are some recommended sites provided by the Wyoming State Library


Britannica Encyclopedia
On-line encyclopedia

All the information you need for reports about countries.
Yes, even Liechtenstein. You can get a picture of Vaduz Castle and a recipe for Geschnetzeltes Schweizefleisch.
Read about South Sudan, the newest country.

Student Resource Center Junior
A good place to start your research paper

Kids InfoBits
Another good place to start your research paper