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Sheridan County Library System Fees


10 cents per item per day overdue.

Processing Fee:

The Board of Trustees removed the $10.00 processing fee as of October 1, 2013.

Interlibrary Loans (ILLs):

$2.00 per borrowed item requested (payable at time of pick-up; fee will be charged to patron’s card if item is not picked up). NOTE: Patron will be assessed any other fees which may be charged by the lending library.

Replacement Library Cards:

There is no charge for your first library card. However, there is a $1.00 charge for each subsequent replacement card issued.


Per page for black and white faxing $1.00

Printing Charges:

Per page for black and white printing $0.10
Per page for color printing $0.25

Wyoming Room:

Research fee for the first hour of work $5.00
Research fee after the first hour $25.00
Per scan requested to be sent via email $0.25
Per page for black and white printing $0.10
Per page for color printing $0.25
Per photograph (either color or black & white) $5.00

Missing Components:

CD ROM case
Audiocassette case
Videocassette case
DVD case
Other components
Replacement Cost

Item Replacement Costs:

The patron is billed the current retail price.

If current retail price cannot be determined (including gift books), then a flat charge shall be assessed.

Fiction hardback $25.00
Fiction paperback $15.00
Non-Fiction hardback $30.00
Non-Fiction paperback $25.00
Books on CD $40.00
Videocassettes $25.00
DVD’s $25.00
Audiocassettes $25.00
Music CDs $20.00
Magazines $5.00 plus

If patron finds an item within six months after payment has been made, the replacement fee will be refunded.

Library borrowing privileges will be suspended for accounts with balances of $5.00 or more.

Revisions Approved 09/18/13