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Internet Hot Spot Policy

The Sheridan County Public Library System offers wireless Internet connectivity at the Fulmer Library and Branch Libraries for patrons who have an Internet capable device. The Library has no control over information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. If library staff believes a person’s use of the network is detrimental to transmission speeds, that person shall be asked to cease use. It is inappropriate to view obscene material using a Library Internet connection. Any patron who views these materials will be asked to close all inappropriate web sites. Any repeat offense will be grounds for suspension of Internet and/or library privileges. It is unlawful to view child pornography as well as other material that is harmful to juveniles in violation of Federal, State and local laws. Any suspected crime using a Library Internet connection shall be immediately reported to the police. Patrons agree to abide by policies and rules governing the use of a Library Internet connection. Materials obtained or copied on a library Internet connection may be subject to copyright laws which govern the making of reproductions of copyrighted works. Violation of the copyright law is considered an inappropriate use of the library Internet connection. The library is not responsible for ensuring that proper copyright protection procedures are followed.

Approved 6/15/16