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Fulmer Library Meeting Room Policy

Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library: Meeting rooms in the library provide space for library-sponsored and co-sponsored programs, and for other meetings and programs of an educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable nature.

The following rules govern the use of meeting rooms:

  1. Library-sponsored activities are given preference when reserving any meeting room.
  2. The public meeting rooms are not available for private parties.
  3. The public meeting rooms are not available for commercial purposes. Commercial activities include sales, advertising, or soliciting sales leads for commercial products or services.
  4. The meeting rooms are only available during the hours the library is open to the public. All meetings must conclude at least 15 minutes prior to the closing time of the library.
  5. All meetings must be non-secretive, open to the public and free of charge. Meeting rooms may be reserved by individuals/groups for educational studying or tutoring purposes but reservations are limited to a maximum of 4 hours at a time.
  6. A Laptop, LCD projector, and TV/DVD player are available for use by groups. Prior arrangements must be made for the use of the equipment. Damage due to misuse of this equipment is the responsibility of the group using the equipment.
  7. Organizations holding meetings will be held responsible for any damage to rooms or contents. Each group shall be responsible for setting up and cleaning up after use. Rooms must be left in a neat and orderly condition.
  8. The library does not provide any supplies for meetings. Food is permitted in the Inner Circle but not in the Carnegie, Fulmer, or Loucks meeting rooms.
  9. Organizations must complete a scheduled meeting before reserving any future meetings; standing reservations are not permitted.
  10. Alcohol is not permitted on library property unless approved in advance by the Library Board of Trustees and the City of Sheridan.
  11. Neither the name nor the address of the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization.
  12. The Library Director is authorized to deny use of the library meeting rooms to any group that is disorderly or violates these regulations. The Sheridan County Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to waive any of the above regulations.
  13. Any group wishing to use the meeting rooms will be asked to have a representative read and sign the Meeting Room Policy and ascertain that their group meets the necessary criteria.
(Approved 09/21/16)

click here for a Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library Meeting Room Reservation form.