Below is a brief timeline history of the Sheridan County Public Library System:

1883 – Reading room opened by John D. Loucks

1886 – Wyoming Legislature authorizes the creation of County Library Systems

1903 – Henry A. Coffeen donates over 4,000 books to the library creating a need for additional
space. Library was relocated to old YMCA building on North Main

1905 – Andrew Carnegie provides $12,500 to build the Sheridan Library on the corner of Loucks
and Brooks Streets. Community members and the County also donated to the building

1960 – Local bond issue to build a new library building fails

1971 – Harry S. Fulmer donates $300,000 for a new library in memory of his wife Margaret S.
Fulmer. Building is completed in 1974.

1975 – Upon the death of Harry S. Fulmer, a permanent endowment is established for the
benefit of the library

1986 – Expansion of the library was undertaken to increase the foot print to 30,000 square feet.

1995 – Wyoming Room was expanded adding another 3,400 square feet

2007 – Remodel of the current building with the addition of a maintenance building