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“I am homeschooling my child and need information.”
“I need to write a report about Liechtenstein! Where is it?  My report is due in two days!!!”
“I have to write a paper-where do I start???”
“What is the newest country in the world?”


Take a deep breath-we can help you and your kids.

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If you need to know if a book is on the accelerated reading list, visit www.arbookfind.com

You can remotely access Wyoming State Library On-Line resources. Below are some recommended sites provided by the Wyoming State Library


On-line encyclopedia

All the information you need for reports about countries.
Yes, even Liechtenstein. You can get a picture of Vaduz Castle and a recipe for Geschnetzeltes Schweizefleisch.
Read about South Sudan, the newest country.

Student Resource Center Junior
A good place to start your research paper

Kids InfoBits
Another good place to start your research paper


For Science Buffs! Check out this learning tool to help memorize the periodic table!