The Wyoming Room

The Wyoming Room

Phone: 307-674-8585 Ext. 120

Monday – Friday (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
Saturday  (Closed)

Please visit the Wyoming Room Blog to learn more about the history of Sheridan through articles written by the Wyoming Room staff.

To request permission to use any images from the Wyoming Room, please use this Permission Form. Upon review, permission may be granted for one time personal use but not for any commercial production.

THE WYOMING ROOM COLLECTION (print and digital collection)

  • Western Books
  • City Directories
  • Clipping & Pamphlet Files
  • High School yearbooks
  • Polo pony records
  • Obituary & birth record files
  • State Documents & City Records
  • Homestead maps & data base
  • Murray Collection
  • Sanborn maps of Sheridan
  • All American Indian Days
  • Oral histories of local folks
  • Old Photograph Collection
  • Estella Lupton photographs
  • Elsa Spear Byron Collection
  • Microfilm / computer room
  • Father Barry Hagen Collection
  • Sheridan & Big Horn newspaper Collection (Digitized)
  • Books
  • Maps & Western Magazines
  • Genealogy magazines
  • Ft. Phil Kearny – Bozeman Trail Association
  • Passenger & Emigration lists
  • Archeology magazines
  • Genealogy abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files
  • DVD recordings of local programs
  • Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy
  • Western art and sculptures
  • The War of the Rebellion
  • Alan B. Croft Custer Collection